Wayanad – An Offbeat Getaway in God’s Own Country

Doesn’t there come a time when you wish to run away from your boss’ deadlines, paying bills, everyday routine, the terrifying traffic, hustle and bustle of the city crowd and find solace amidst solitude, in the arms of Mother Nature? Doesn’t it feel happy to be at a place with your loved ones where the tourists won’t pollute the beauty with overwhelming selfies and unnecessary chaos? This vacation, on my visit to Bangalore with my family, I found the opportunity to visit Wayanad, a place far away from the maddening crowd in the north-eastern part of Kerala, God’s own country.


Here are five reasons why you should include Wayanad in the itinerary of your next trip to Kerala –

  1. Priority to serenity –

If you want to spend a day or two with your loved ones far away from the chaos and people’s reach, Wayanad is the place for you.


Although Kerala is very popular among the different tourist destinations in India, this place has not yet been over populated with tourists, their chaos and other unwanted tantrums.

  1. Easily connected –

Wayanad can be reached both by Bangalore (277.3 Km) or Cochin (260.1 Km) by motor route. There are plenty of bus services or you can drive yourself by taking a Zoom car or hire a car from a travel agency.


If you’re travelling from Bangalore by a travel agency hired car, beware of the taxes charged at the toll plaza while entering Kerala, being a bit informed always helps save unnecessary expenses.

  1. Things to do in Wayanad –

At Wayanad, you will get to do a number of things. This place caters to different categories of travelers – history freaks, nature lovers to adventure seekers, there is something for everyone. The place is located amidst the range of Western Ghats and boasts of a versatile gallery to the tourists.


  • Wayanad is famous for wonderful treks. Memories of the Chembra Peak Trek (about 4Km up and down) is something that you would treasure for life. There is a naturally formed heart shaped lake at the top. It’s a wonder how nature curates pieces of beauty and have kept the human race amazed for life. There a number of other treks as well, like the Pakshipathalam Trek, Banasura Trek, Brahmagiri Trek and Thushargiri Trek, but the most popular being the Chembra Peak one.


  • Don’t miss the Lakkidi View Point where you can see the different peaks of Wayanad. Pookode Lake can also be visited for some fun time, indulged by boating.


  • The largest earthen dam in India, second largest in Asia can be seen in Wayanad, the Banasura Sagar Dam. The view is mesmerizing. You will pass hours by this place and won’t even realize how time vanished.


  • The beautiful waterfalls in Wayanad will keep you mesmerized. The biggest one being the Meenmutty Waterfalls is majestic and exhibits her grandeur in every form. Unfortunately, this place is not open for the tourists anymore. But the Soochippara Waterfalls will be able to partly fulfill your expectations and I promise that you will love it.


  • There are these Edakkal Caves which exhibit the cave paintings dating back to the Neolithic Era. The recently discovered cave scriptures have caught much attention for its connection with the Indus Valley Civilization.
  • If you’re a history buff, Wayanad will not disappoint you either. The Pazhassi Raja Tomb and the Chain Tree tells the oppressing tales of the colonial rule leaving you teary eyed.


  • On your way to Wayanad, you will cross either of Bandipur, Nagerhole, Mudumalai or Muthunga Wildlife Sanctuaries. Elephants, deer, bisons or even tigers can come on your way.
  1. Relax and rejuvenate with best accommodation facilities–


There are many resorts, hotels and home stays suiting to all economic groups. You can stay in the market area of Sultan Bathery enjoying the culture of Wayanad or far away from the town in Vythiri.


There are a number of luxury resorts where you can find all the modern amenities, yet feel disconnected from the rest of the world finding your peace of mind.

  1. Way to heart is through the stomach –


Wayanad special filter coffee, Jackfruit Cake, homemade chocolates, Wayanad special Vanilla beans is something you will get at every other shop in Sultan Bathery.


Trying a cuppa, carrying a packet or two of these will always make you happy. Oh! And don’t miss the Kerala Style Prawn Biryani at Jubilee Restaurant in Sultan Bathery. It’s heavenly!


So, why wait? Book your tickets, make your reservations and pack your bags for a beautiful weekend in this heavenly abode amidst Mother Nature! I can hear the chant, “Wayanad Calling”!!!

Story by, Anamitraa Chakraborty


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