This Durga Pujo the Bengali Man is Unmissable in his Dhuti

It is Mahalaya already and there is no time to keep calm. People, who are acquainted with the beauty that Bengal douses itself in during the 5 days of Durga Pujo, are also aware of the beauty that Bengali women bring to the Thakur Dalans, Parar Pandals and the Streets during the festivities. The Tants and the Tashars, take a deep breath once they make their way out of their fancy covers and are released from their strict folds.


But while we praise the Bengali woman of her beauty, style and her ability to carry herself with grace while Pandal hopping, are we somewhere underestimating the capacity of a Bong Man to look no less stunning and have heads turning while he casually sips on his Cha’er cup, passes on the flowers to everyone in the Pandal during Anjali, or while he serves hot Luchis out of the Benter Jhuri to everyone during the Ashtami lunch? Well we certainly are not.


While the women love their sarees, every Bong Man in his heart has a hidden place for the dhoti, whether he would like to admit it or not. Capture this Mach loving man in a dhoti as well as a suit, you know your heart would flutter at the sight of the Punjabi and dhoti clad Bangobashi. Here are a few looks that Eat Fly Buy put together for the Bangali Purush and we have to say, we couldn’t stop ourselves from glancing their way twice.

Do Pujo the dhoti way this year. Here are a few different styles that you can try.

The Shirt and Dhoti Look



If you are not of the most traditionalist origin, these men show you how to pair a crisp cotton/linen shirt with Dhotis.



You can drape your dhotis as dramatically or as simply as you prefer and they would still look as stunning as they do in these pictures.



The Punjabi and the Dhoti Look

Pujo is somewhat incomplete without a Kurta isn’t it? A Bong man dressed in a long kurta paired wither with a chost payjama or a dhoti is trust me a Bong Woman’s dream.



From Ashtamir Anjali to Nabamir shesh raat, there is no bracket of time that makes you look any less special or attractive in this attire.



The Fake Dhoti:

If you are not too comfortable or confident with the Dhoti drape, there is always a cheat’s way out and it is no less attractive.



Men all over the world, who fear the dhoti or are far away from sporting the traditional look, can always settle for a dhoti like Patiala or a pre-arranged dhoti to make their Durga Pujo look a tad bit more Bangali without the fear of losing control on the drape.



Here is a piece of advice to all the Bengali Men out there. While we love you in your carefree put ons and the chaap daris, we love it more when you put in that extra bit of effort to look your most stunning self.


While we make sure you don’t notice us noticing you, rest assured, we already have. Shubho Mahalaya. Make sure you pick a lovely dhoti this season.

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By Sayantika Dutta

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