The Chaiwala- Lovely Concept- Tasty food- Good service

Over the last many weeks I was following the great reviews this place was bagging and made it a point to visit it soon. So dropped in with a couple of friends today and was pleasantly surprised.

The little porch outside the cafe is sweet. If you list yourself amongst the “Khatey Pitey Khandaan ka bold and obese bachcha” (like me), it is advised that you push both compartments of the main door together, to drift comfortably inside (learning from experiences).

Figure 2
Once inside, you are sure to notice how uniquely the interior has been done. It is not over cramped, and the picnic tables with comfortable benches are a sure shot win. There is a casual shack like feel, thanks to the beautiful counter, which I personally loved. All very impressive, yes, but, now coming to the food.


Figure 3

We ordered a Peach Iced tea, an Irish Frappe, and a Pee-Ka-Choo.

Figure 4

The Peach Iced tea was the favorite of the table (though a little too sweet for us, but I am sure that can be easily altered).

Figure 5

Compared to the frappes, it did score a little higher. The place is called The Chaiwala after all.


1.    Soy Honey Chicken Wings:

This dish is the best seller of the place, as we were told by our attendee, and has all the reasons to be so. It is hot, tangy, and sweet and within no time, we were salivating. It has a fine crunch on the outside and is juicy on the inside.

Figure 6

We wiped the sauce clean off the plate. Though full, we were still debating on ordering another plate of these.

2.    Pasta in Cheese Sauce with Chicken:

Figure 7

Good pasta. No complaints there. Not as exceptional as the Soy Honey Wings.

3.    Double Decker Grilled Chicken Burger with Wedges and Grilled Chicken Burger with Fries:

Figure 8

The first bite might not interest your taste buds, as it may taste averagely spiced for the Indian palette. As you keep going for your consequent bites, the flavours take form and you do enjoy the seasoning.

Figure 9

The best part is unlike other burgers available in the city, the patty is not fried, the burger is not exceptionally greasy, the bun is soft and the patty is thick and meaty. The burgers generally come with fries, you can order wedges for an additional Rs. 30. Pasta scores ahead of the burgers.

4.    Grilled bread with Nutty Chocolate Spread and Peanut Butter:

On special request, we were served with some grilled bread with both peanut butter and chocolate spread. When you have a craving, you just ask, even if it is not on the menu.

Figure 10

Though we were presented with what we asked for, it was not really what we were craving for. We were hoping for hard, crunchy toasts, the bread was not quite there. The chocolate spread was topped with a layer of caramelized sugar, made it a bit bitter. We had to leave the plate unfinished. Certainly not the favorite dish out of the lot.

All in all, the beverages were above average, the mains were very good, the toasts a little disappointing. I can easily forget the toast, or maybe not order them the next time.

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