Silver Platter- Comes With A Silver Lining

Extremely pleased and eager to return at the Silver Platter.

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While a number of restaurants today are all striving to make their mark felt in the Kolkata food scene, there are only a portion of them making their presence felt boldly. One such underdog that has been slowly but steadily conquering a loyal fan base for itself is the Silver Platter. Boasting the small little space boldly, Silver Platter has been welcoming quite the foot fall, all thanks to the delicious food.

The Food:

In case that you were of the opinion that Continental Food was not for any and every pocket, the team at Silver Platter has come forward and proved that wrong. With the aim to gorge on some very delicious food, we moved into Silver platter one fine evening and were left surprised at the sheer quality and flavours put on the table.


Soon after we escaped the immense traffic outside and entered the establishment, we went forward and requested for a good selection of mocktails to be served to our table. Some of the many cocktails we tried were-

• The Tangy Watermelon-

Figure 2

Tangy, fresh, with a hint of sweetness, this watermelon drink is their perfect combination of refreshment and comfort.

• Virgin Mojito-

 Figure 3

This was without a doubt the most favoured mocktail at the table. The mint and the lime combined together to provide the best punch to the taste buds, cleansing and refreshing it for the courses to follow. This was ordered a second time.

  • Mango Mule-

If you love a little hint of spice in your mocktails this might prove the perfect drink for you. A lot places add a little too much of tobacco or green chillies to the drink, making it hard to gulp, but the subtle hint of spice in this specific drink was welcoming.

• Chiang Mai Punch-

Figure 4

Pineapple juice, strawberry crush and a luscious scoop of vanilla ice cream come together to form this very pretty looking drink.

Soups, Salads and Appetizers-

Our mocktails accompanied a fine assortment of soups, salads and appetizers. These were-

• Seafood Minestrone Soup-
Yum, Yum, Yum. The soup is absolutely lovely with a whole bunch of seafood swimming in it delightfully.

 Figure 5

Every drag at the spoon had prawns, calamari and crab making their way into our mouths and we could not be any more delighted. The tanginess of the soup is an added bonus.

• Chicken and mayo Salad

Though the base of the salad is creamy, the addition of the freshly torn romaine lettuce leaves and the thinly sliced green apples extends a fresh crunch to it.

Figure 6

The shredded chicken is soft and perfectly cooked and mayo compliments it so well.

  • Chicken lollypop

Figure 7

Though we set our mind to feasting on their continental spread, overlooking the chicken lollypop does become a hard task to accomplish. The Exterior is crunchy and the flavours are there.

• Semolina Crusted Calamari


Figure 8

Lightly dredged in semolina but wonderfully crunchy, the Semolina Crusted Calamari, dresses with lemon mayo and a beautiful lime cheek on the side was absolutely hot property.

• Chilli Garlic Fish
Again a great dish and had all the reasons to be so. The fish is fresh and the combination of the veggies and the sauces spot on Mighty pleased with this one.

• Bacon Wrapped Prawns

If you love pawns and you love Bacon, there is no reason why you should give this a miss.

Main course-

Once done with the almost filling first course, we shamelessly moved onto the second course. For the second course we moved onto a wider selection of beautiful mains including-

• Grilled chicken breast-

Figure 9

Mushroomy, garlicky, meaty, buttery, there is no reason, why you should not be absolutely in love with the grilled chicken breasts. Two pieces of chicken breast have been pounded thin and lightly pan grilled to bring upon a beautiful colour. The grilled chicken breast comes coated in the ultimate creamy mushroom sauce.

• The Chello Kebab-

Figure 10

The chello kebab was nice and is a hit with the people who want to try something else other than Continental dishes as well.

• Minced Lamb Ragu-

Figure 11

This was LOVE AT FIRST BITE. I could go back again and again for the Lamb Ragu and drool my way to it. No I am not ashamed at this blatant show of weakness. This was my favourite dish of the evening. You must try this one, if you love lamb and especially a ragu.


• Brownie with Ice-cream-

Brownie hit, Ice cream hit, chocolate sauce hit. What’s not to like about this winner.

• Fruit Fantasy-

Figure 12

If you are willing to go beyond your chocolate fantasy and try something different then this is the dessert for you. Fresh fruits macerated in honey and in their own juices, topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce and a splash strawberry crush makes for a wonderful spoonful of delight.

In case that you are dropping by soon or anytime in the future, you must try the lamb Ragu, pork chops, grilled chicken and the fruit fantasy. Not a meal to forget.

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