Pour House

Pour House has been the best experience in recent times. Period. This is not only in terms of the food, but also the ambience that the place has succeeded in owning. It is a restaurant and a pub, all at once and does complete justice to both these aspect wonderfully. The sight of the neon lighted dance floor itself is enough to lighten the mood and urge you to edge towards it. We did too, right after we went bonkers with the first course.


Location and ambience:

Pour house is nestled on the first floor of the building right opposite to RDB and is fairly easy to spot. Hence, reaching this great establishment should not be an issue at all. The moment you step into the place, you are greeted with beautiful leather quilted doors, that open up to this magnum area that has been tastefully decked up with beautiful couches, high rise tables and tool tops. The bar on the right is neatly decorated and is sure to attract a lot of attention, especially during the great 1:1 offers that are going on right now.




The Food:

Like a number of other religion stricken friends I too have days (one day precisely), where I succumb to parking myself on the herbivorous side of the yard. This sadly was one of those days. While my fellow friends and foodies gorged on some of the most wildly tempting chicken, fish and prawn kebabs, I had to settle for paneer. But, the food was a complete surprise.


The veg dishes on the table included-
• Paneer Cordon Blue,


• Audi Ring,


• Corn Salt & Pepper and


• The basil Paneer tikka.




The lightly crusted paneer Cordon Blue has this fascinating crust on the outside, teamed with the oozy cheese on the inside. The Audi rings are basically cheese stuffed onion rings and are a great hit with the bar hitting crowd. I then moved onto the Corn Salt and Pepper. This was one of the best dishes on the table, without a doubt. The dish is made out of crispy fried American sweet corn kernels, which have then been tossed in some lovely assortment of onions, peppers and sauces. Easy on the ear, but exceptionally hard to make. The best part of the first course was without a doubt, the basil paneer tikka, soft and melt in the mouth. I could go back again just for another bite of this.

The Coolers:

The first course was well supported by a wide assortment of wonderful mocktails. They were-
• The pouring wild cat cooler,


  • The Pouring Strawberry moon,


  • The Virgin Orange Mojito,
  •  Love in Pour house, and finally the king of all the mocktails,
  • Pouring Basil Lime cooler.


I had two serving of the last mocktail alone.

Main course-

For the main course, the table was yet again bombarded with a mountainous amount of food. Right from Rissoto to Green Thai Curry and the Paneer Lababdaar platter to the Mutton masala platter, nothing was missed. I settled for tasting the Veg Rissoto, the Veg Thai Green Curry and the Paneer Lababdar. Mind you these are all platters and hence are good enough to serve two.



The risotto is cheesy, yet well balanced. The thai curry has the perfect harmony of flavours and is not overpowered with coconut milk, which is the case in most other places around the city. The paneer lababdar platter is served with a wonderful masala kulcha, which according to me is a must try, not only for the vegetarians, but also carnivores like me.


The best part of the meal according to me, were the desserts. If you though a pub only concentrated on their appetizers and their booze, Pour House proves you wrong and how. We settled for the-
• Hot chocolate mud pie with ice cream,


  • Red velvet cake,


  • Fusion mousse, and


  • The Flavour Mousse cake.


The desserts are fresh and delicious. They bring a killer end to an absolutely beautiful meal.

When coming into Pour House, you are sure to leave with a beautiful series of pics, a very satisfied tummy and an exceptionally happy face. A total thumbs up to the food, the service and the all over ambience that the place boasts. Will be definitely dropping by soon again.


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