Playing it Long and Stylish this Pujo and How !!!

Durga Pujo is not many days away and it is inevitable the moment you step out of your den. Suddenly there are more people on the street and the number is furiously on the rise. The market places are unavoidably swamped by pedestrians and the traffic is excruciatingly slow in the evening. Why so? Because people are all set to have their wallets emptied and wardrobes stacked before the Pujo fever strikes in full swing.


Don’t act all elite and above all this. You are no different. In case you are not raiding the roads yet, you are definitely raiding stores online. Sorting through styles and keeping yourself updated with Pujo fashion this year. We know every day of the Pujo for you is going to be a different look.

While Panchami and Shahsti for most are when you wear your western attires, the rest of the days are when you are going to concentrate on your eastern best. Here are a couple of easy to put together looks that you could try this Pujo.


Aura here looks extremely comfortable and in her element, dressed in this long maxi dress with generous slits on both sides. “It keeps it windy”, she says. Though we laughed at her statement, we could not agree more.


She pairs her sleeveless number with a denim shirt. You can keep it on your shoulder or off it, no matter where you position it, the shirt is sure to extend a certain level of unmissable casual style. Aura also puts on a lace-y shrug, just to give things a lighter scene. The Braun Buffel bag pack on her shoulder is all that we have our eyes on right now.


Here is another rendition of the “long and stylish”, only this time we are going all cotton. I choose a tailor made Indo-western number and paired it with a sleek belt to give it a westernized look.


Lose the belt and it can very well be used as a Kurti. To own this attire, all I had to do was pick the material of my choice and drop it at Bibiana. They do magic there.


I shrouded the neckline with a fleshy neck piece that I had picked up from an exhibition at Swabhumi, Kolkata, a Sling bag from Corsica and my favourite pair of Gladiators.


The look is light and easy to carry during the predictable humid afternoons of the September month.


Customize the looks as per your liking and play with the colours to make it your own. You look best in what you are most comfortable in and not what others ask you to follow.

Photography by: Rakesh Saha and Iush Dutta Roy

Models: Aura Roy & Sayantika Dutta

Content Credits: Eat Fly Buy Mag

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