Party with the Tipsy Bull

If you are still worrying about where to party this Holiday season, let’s put your anxiety to rest.


The Tipsy Bull is the newest addition to the party scene in the country and is all set to do wonders for you with its amazing cocktails, mocktails and a fantastic menu, designed by the Master Chef 2015 Finalist, Priyanka Malik. Whether you love being tipsy or not, The Tipsy Bull is without a doubt the best place to step in for both those causes.


The Fantastic Drinks:


Without a doubt, the cocktails and the mocktais have been the star of the evening. We went through quite a few of them and love them all. I stuck to the non-alcoholic varieties of the cocktails and each of them impressed me to limits that I ended up ordering seconds for the same. The highlights in the cocktail menu for me has been the-


  • Melon Ball Punch- The fruity drink that is not only going to be immensely popular with the ladies, but is also going to strike a chord with the men.img-20161217-wa0023


  • The Goblet of Fire- The one with all the theatrics involved.


  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes- This is a strong drink, whether you are opting for alcohol or not.

Unanimously, these were the favourite drinks, throughout the tables and unanimously reason enough to make us drop into the quirky, Tipsy Bull, once again.

The “Sooo Good” Food:


As far as the food is concerned that did not disappoint either. Some of the highlights from the food menu have been-

  • The Teriyaki Tacos, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions.


  • Tandoori Momos.


  • Boom Boom Chicken lollies- A nice crispy exterior with a sweet and spicy glaze. One of the favourites.


  • The Snob- This is basically the killer Fish and Chips and a must, must try for one and all.


  • Keep It Simple (Kiss) Pizza and the Barbeque Chicken Pizza are great too.




Apart from the drinks and the food, the interior is quite the eye catcher as well.


The light fixtures and the high rise chairs impressed me the most.


The place has an easy going vibe and is bound to impress every party lover in the city. So if you are planning your parties for the coming week, The Tipsy Bull should surely be on your priority list.

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