Kitchen Stories- There Is A Lot More Cooking Than What Meets the Eye

“A Cup of Coffee, A Sandwich and You”…while this might be the perfect lyrics for a rainy day, sometimes if the food is yummy enough (like the ones at Kitchen Stories), just a cup of coffee and a sandwich are enough to settle for. “You” can be pondered over, later.



Location and Ambience:

So with rain on our heels and food lust in our eyes, we set foot into Kitchen Stories on Loudon Street a few days back and were wistfully greeted by two magnum and beautiful multiple level wedding cakes right beyond the entrance. White and pastel-y the cakes looked absolutely lovely.



There is a little chance that you will not enjoy that beautiful interior. There are photo frames on one wall and candle sticks adorning the other. There are plaques with quotes on another wall and another is magically done up with old books.


The sheer warmth in the ambience just pushes to your heart from the moment you step in. Enchanting little place.

Getting to the food:

With tummies rumbling audibly, we could hardly hold ourselves from eating up the store, but sanity helped us decide against it. Instead we settled for a whole bunch of other delicious veg dishes. Yes, I said veg. The place serves 100% pure veg food.

The flavours are international; the food is fresh and the quality downright impressive. Not even a hardcore non-vegetarian like me was disheartened at feasting on veg dishes alone.

The Papaya Salad-



When I said that the food tasted fresh and flavourful, I was not lying at all. This dish defines it all. Right from the finely julienned papaya to the dressing itself, everything is super fresh and ever single flavour element is distinct. The papaya is well macerated and still slightly crunchy. It was the perfect dish to start our vegetarian food adventure at Kitchen Stories with.

The Pizza Twists-



I am the kind of person who finds a meal incomplete without a barbaric proportion of carbohydrate and protein in it (Please do not judge me). Well Monica (the very sweet owner) saved me from the gluttony and served me these fascinating Pizza Twists instead. The bread separates twist per twist as you pull at it gently releasing a fascinating site of oozy tomato sauce and cheese. I smiled like a child when I put those little wonders into my mouth.

Hummus and Lavash-



The dish is very sophisticated and flavourful. The hummus is not heavy, the olive oil shines through it beautifully and the lavash is perfectly crisp.

The Laksa-

For a person who is not uber fond of coconut, the Laksa tasted surprisingly well balanced, with all the coconut milk action going on. The fat, flat noodles and the wholesome soupy gravy come together very well and those bruised lime leaves just added the last bit of flavour boom.

Conchiglie Pasta-



Temptation took over and I unleashed myself on this little bowl of Conchiglie pasta. Creamy cheesy, hearty, I hardly missed the lamb in this little pool of tomato-cheese sauce. A must try according to me.

The Clay pot Rice-



The final brick in the wall that put our hunger to rest and the food lust at peace was the clay pot rice. I could hardly believe how rice laden with a vegetable stew could taste so good. This is the perfect lunch time treat you can buy yourself. It fills you up, without filling you up. I am sure you understand what I mean. I dug through the bowl till I met the bottom and was not ashamed at my hogging even by bit. Delicious, delicious, delicious.



We gulped all of this down with a lovely glass of cold coffee. There is a strong hit of coffee in that glass, which is not over powered by the milk & cream and big thumbs up for that.

The unmissable desserts:

Inside a bakery and not trying desserts is a crime I never wanted to commit, hence soon after we were done with our food, we moved onto these beautiful little cups of Baked Alaska and Blueberry Cheese Cake.



While the Baked Alaska appeared lovely with a blow torched, marshmallowy top and was loved by most of my friends, I found it a little too sweet for my taste.



What left me completely surprised was that sheer lightness in the Blue Berry Cheese Cake and that unusual flavour. Yogurt, it was Yogurt. They have skilfully folded through ribbons of velvety yogurt in that cheesecake making it absolutely light, unusual and so healthy. I would definitely come back for this one.

If you haven’t had a chance to drop by this little fable-ish oasis you must. You also must try the laksa, the clay pot rice and the blue berry cheesecake when visiting. If your hogging capacities are not as strong as mine, just remember, Kitchen Stories serves their food in some very efficient bowls, that make it easy to pack, carry and leave.

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