The Fajita Festival at Chili’s Will Have You Jiggying Your Way to It

Let’s first get you acquainted to what Fajitas are. Fajitas are a kind of Tex-Mex dish, characterised with succulently grilled meat, marinated in salivable spices, sliced into mouthful sections and stuffed into soft flour tortillas. While there can be a number of other variations to this order, this is specifically what you find at Chili’s and we love it. Over the last weekend, Chili’s Hosted us during their Fajita Festival, which by the way is still on and you have all the opportunity to drop in and gorge on the delicious spread.


Location and Ambience: 

For those who have not yet dropped into this Chili’s Outlet, it is housed in the 2nd floor of the south city mall. The space is huge and is beautifully done up with casual and contemporary wooden furniture. The light and the polish on the furniture make the place appear more lighted. The bar at the end of the space is huge and grabs a lot of attention, by the sheer size of it and all the assets it has to boast. A lot of activity takes place around this area and there is no doubt why.

Coming to the Food:

Though we entered with the intention of surfing the fajita menu only, not even the angels on our shoulders could hold us back from demolishing almost 70% of the menu, the place has to offer.

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The Mocktails:

We started off with some of the best mocktails Chili’s has to offer. We ordered a Watermelon Moji Tea, Blue Pacific, Molten Chunk, Mango Yogurt Smoothie and Peach Fantasy.

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All the mocktails were carefully curated, building in flavour with every sip. The textures are pleasing and the balance in sweetness of all the different ingredients used to make the concussions is commendable.

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The Appetizers:

Before we drove our way to the main course that comprised of the Fajitas, we absolutely demolished the appetizers. We ordered the Signature Chicken Wings on Bone and the Smoked and Grilled Chicken Wings.


While the former was juicy, sweet and tangy and had all the right notes of spice to it, the later was smoky and charred in all the right places, served along with an equally smoky barbeque sauce. Both the chicken wing preps were characterised with succulent, juicy meat, which fell off the bone with slight tug of the teeth.


We also tried the Veg Tripple Dipper. The dish comprises of southern fried cottage cheese sticks, cheese balls, with gooey, melty cheese inside and a wonderfully crisp spring roll with a combination of peppers and cheese inside. The condiments served with the dish, went perfectly with them.


All the dishes were suggested by our server Ratan, and we were extremely pleased with them.

The Main Course: Invading the Fajitas

For the main course, we settled for a variety of Fajita selections, which comprised of- Sea Food Fajita, Queso Fundido Fajita, Sizzling Veg Fajita, Pepper Chicken Fajita and Ancho Salmon.


The Sea Food Fajita is served on a sizzling tray of caramelised onions, topped with grilled, succulent prawns and wonderfully soft and flaky basa fillets, both marinated in wonderful spices. There is hardly any scope that you will be able to let anything on the plate.


The Queso Fundido Fajita is a combination of chicken and buffalo steak, again marinated in its unique blend of spices, with the Cajun spice and paprika making their presence felt noticeably. This is without a doubt one of the best sellers on the menu, and there are no doubts, why.


The Pepper Chicken Fajita comprises of two lovely pieces of wholesome chicken breasts, marinated in red pepper, paprika and a bunch of other spices and grilled over a nicely seasoned pan. The chicken is absolutely perfectly done, without even wasting an extra second on the grill. These tiny details make so much difference.


The Sizzling Veg Fajita, was the final and the only veg fajita dish on the table, which brought upon no disappointment whatsoever to a hungry group of non-vegetarians. The complete assortment of exquisite vegetables had a nice bite to it, without going soggy on the grill. A very good dish indeed.

All the Fajitas came with flour tortillas on the side and a whole assortment of condiments, which included- shredded cheddar, guacamole, sour cream, tobacco sauce, hot sauce and much more. The spread was nothing short of a delight.


We also tried the Ancho Salmon. The Salmon was rightly pink in the middle, flaky and oh so smooth. The accompanying sauce had just the right tone of tang to it and made the perfect combination, with the bed of rice on the bottom and the fish.

Ending all on a sweet note:

Satiated with our extremely satisfying meal, we moved onto desserts to bring a sweet end to it. We tasted the Crunchy Chocolate Puff. It is a brownie covered in a flaky filo and bedded on a pool of chocolate sauce, served with a hearty serving of Vanilla Ice cream. The desserts needs definite tweaking to meet its delicious fate.


If all this was not enough to bring to you a foodgasmic experience, maybe dropping in at Chili’s in South City Mall Will.

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