EFB Durga Pujo 2016- Your Ultimate Fashion Guide for Puja Mornings

Durga Puja is one of the grandest and biggest festivals held across the planet. The festival is five days of sheer madness, fun, frolic, eating out, dressing up and fashion frenzy. Though the source of the madness lies in the eastern region of the Indian sub continent, in the state of Bengal, the faith and madness for Maa Durga (Goddess) and the festival, respectively is carried in the hearts of hundreds and thousands of Bengalis nestled across the world.


Welcoming Maa Durga into the Grand Mandaps, Our Homes and Our Hearts:

The festival of Durga Puja or Durga Worship is centred on welcoming Goddess Durga and her holy children into her maiden home. The celebration of her home coming spreads across several days of enjoyment and dressing up to your best potentials becomes a major part of the celebrations.

Your Pujo Wardrobe:

With only three weeks to the celebratory madness, people across Bengal are putting together their special wardrobe for the pujas. You cannot look stale in fashion that is absolutely ‘last year’. But you also want that traditional vibe to encompass you during the Anjali on Ashtami. The trickiest part of finalizing your Pujo wardrobe is picking attires for the Pujo mornings.



You need stuff that is comfortable yet stylish, is easy on the eyes and is also light enough to sport on the warm and humid Pandal hopping afternoons. In case you are still scratching your head for ideas, we at Eat Fly Buy Magazine have put together a whole range of apparel options that you can settle for on each morning of the Pujo days.


Shashti is the 6th day of Maa Durga’s home coming and the first day of the actual celebrations. There is an unwritten dressing code that almost all Kolkatans follow. Shashti is the day, you are dressed in more casual stuff. Don’t get me wrong, they are all new and crisp out of shopping bags and look great, but they have an unavoidable casual and comfy feel to them.


Hence, here at EFB, we start off Shashti with a cute, comfortable top and mini skirt.


Here, Saheli Das, a Corporate Law Graduate from NUJS, Kolakta, looks stunningly casual yet so trendy in this sunshine yellow, floral printed, cold shoulder top, which she picked from Jabong.


She pairs it with a black mini skirt to complete the look. Her flat ballerinas and specs add a quirky polishing to the whole look. We love how adorable and relaxed you look in that attire Saheli.


Saptami Mornings are your time to get into your diva mode. Remember, you are still looking for something light and humidity friendly. You do not want to sweat all that glow away, by draping yourself in uncomfortably tight clothes or some material that hardly allows the passage of air and is irritable on your skin.


We, at EFB love this beautiful saree from ByLoom, sported by our beautiful model.


Anamitraa Chakraborty carries herself so elegantly in this Purple, Cotton Handloom Saree. It is light and easily manageable. She pairs it with a black and white, elbow length patterned blouse and silver earrings. This saree is perfect for pandal hopping on saptami morning, while looking like a diva. Anamitra is sure to turn heads in this very elegant look.


The Ashtami Morning is generally split into two looks. The Pre Anjali Look and the Post Anjali look.


  • The Anjali Look:

The general intension of women throughout the state is to drape themselves in red and white sarees for the Ashtami Morning Anjali.


We know it is not possible to go all fancy, so early in the morning and hence we have kept it extremely simple.


Ishita Choudhury, a Law Graduate and now doing her Masters in HR from IISWBM Kolkata, drapes herself in this simple yet beautiful Kerala Cotton from Khadi Emporium. She chooses to pair the elegant saree with a sleeveless red blouse for her Ashtami Morning Anjali look. The saree is extremely body/curve friendly.


The whole look has an underlying tone of elegance to it, which is elevated by the subtle golden studs, simple golden chain and a wrist full of golden bangles she is sporting. Ishita, you look simply beautiful.

  • The Ashtami Afternoon Look:

Now that you are done with the Anjali and are all ready to head out with friends and family for some serious “Thakur Darshan”, or planning on nestling yourself in the “Parar Pujor Mandop” (The local pandal) it is time to get into something dressier.


With shashti and saptami gone, it is time to step out of the safe zone and step into looks that are brighter and celebratory. This is exactly why Ankita, drapes herself in this beautiful Mekhla.


Ankita Dey, a second year student doing her Masters in HR management from IISWB, Kolkata, steps out of the usual and dresses herself up in a Cream and Red chanderi mekhla. This not only keeps the saree vibe of Ashtami alive, but also incorporates another fashion dimension to the ashtami morning scene.


She has opted for traditional gold plated jewellery with her elegant attire. We are completely eying those little jhumkas. You look beautiful in that Mekhla, Ankita.


Nabami is the second last day to the Durga Pujo celebrations. While Ashtami is out an out a saree cladding day, Nabami is more suave and modern in nature. This again is part of the unwritten pujo fashion guide we were mentioning in the previous paragraphs.


Stunning and sophisticated westerns are ultimate nabami goals and that is exactly what Kirti here has pulled off, brilliantly


The Calcutta Girl, Kirti Mahamia, is looking ravishing in her Nabami Morning look. Sensing the trend of the season, she is dressed in a beautiful black cold shoulder top, embellished with an attached neck piece and printed pants. Kirti hunted this top down on Myntra, which fits her magnificently.


The attire is comfortable and hassle free, and tops the list of nabami fashion choices. You look stunning Kirti and we love the way you are carrying yourself.


Now that you have so many options to pick and choose from, we are sure your Pujo Shopping will be all the more exciting and also quick. We can’t wait to hear how your pujo shopping is going. Till then, Bolo Durga Maai Ki……Jai.

Keep a watch on this space for Durga Pujo Evening Looks.

Location: Parnasree Greens
Location Courtesy: Kirti Mahamia
Makeup Courtesy: Kirti Mahamia
Styling: Sayantika Dutta
Jewellery Courtesy: Baishali Dutta
Photo Courtesy: Pratik Hati
Direction: Sayantika Dutta

Our Friends, who are sporting these fantastic looks are:

Kirti Mahamia
Ankita Dey
Ishita Choudhury
Saheli Das

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