With so many eateries, big and small crowding the food space in the city, ever so often, it is becoming increasingly hard for a specific establishment to leave a mark on their guests. Guests are constantly being treated to food that is becoming easily comparable to food served at many other joints, hence, losing the impact that a restaurant is trying to leave on its guests. This is where it becomes important for a restaurant to step out of its own comfort zone and into the guests’. This is exactly what SOI, The Asian Street Kitchen has done.


The team at SOI has worked very hard to prepare a compiled theme that not only caters to the eye of the beholder, with its statement-making interiors and in-house cocktail food truck but also leaves an impact on their brains and taste buds.


It is mostly clever thinking almost to the level of sheer brilliance, paired with utmost hard work. With the place holding its first coveted blogger’s meet, Eat Fly Buy was invited. We were served a great deal of delicious Asian dishes and were walked through each and every one of them brilliantly, impressing us so much that I already want to drop in again.


We started off with some brilliant coolers.


The Sweet Thai Basil and Rambutan Caprioska is as refreshing as a mocktail allowed to get. While I settled for the virgin avatar, others sharing the table with me loved their Vodka Spiked Caprioska.


Another mocktail, the Galangal and Mint Old Fashioned quite out of the ordinary, still as pleasing as the one mentioned above is the Galangal and Mint Old Fashioned.  Served in a smaller jar shaped holder, it did make the taste buds sing, preparing it for the courses to follow. You can either settle for the virgin option as I did or settle for the original whiskey-spiked version.


The Fantastic Appetizers:

This was my favourite course of the evening. There is not one thing amongst the Appetizers that I could avoid a second helping of.

Papaya Salad-


We started off with the much traditional Som Tam or more commonly known the Thai Papaya Salad. The dish is a textural delight.


With finely julienned green papaya, bruised chillies, crushed peanuts and a heavy dose of that ultimate delicious dressing, macerating all the ingredients into a sinful symphony, there is little chance, that it does not impress one.

Corn Curd Pepper Chilli-


The dish might look easy and taste good but it takes a laborious Three Days to prepare the curd and give it shape.


The pepper, chilli and scallion combo give it the life that the corn curd requires much.

Satay Kai-


This is by far the best Chicken Satay that I have tasted in Kolkata. The tender chicken breast skewered into satay sticks, the smoky flavour and the generous brushing, of the peanut sauce, makes for one heavenly Satay.


You just cannot miss out on this one.

Tempura prawn with Sukiyaki & Teriyaki Sauce-


SOI has given the much loved Tempura Prawn a new avatar and it all takes it to a step closer to legendary. The frizzied tempura batter is a textural bomb, crispy and crunchy, with a melt in the mouth centre.


The prawns are fresh and the first bite itself will tell you that.


Don’t Miss the Mains-


The mains are an Asian lover’s delight. We were served a variety of dishes, such as the Lemon Chicken, the Cantonese Pan Fried Noodles and the Mixed Green Vegetables With bean Sprouts and Sesame seeds in Coriander sauce.


While all these dishes were loved, all the attention was captured fervently by the Thai spread.


The Thai Red Curry and the Thai Yellow curry were absolutely delightful and more on the gravy-ish side, accompanied best by the Moon Faan Rice. The flavours were spot on and pleasured every single taste bud on my palette.


The best part of the main course for me was the Thai Green Curry served with a bowl of steaming white rice. The kaffir lime flavours in the curry sang the most beautiful hymns. The coconut milk was proportionate and so was the consistency of the broth. This is comfort food at its best.


All the curries were served three ways. The first variety was veg, the second with pork and the third with lamb, to make sure, everyone on the table had their preferences met with. I picked the lamb version and saw to it that the green curry was vanquished within the shortest span of time.

No Fuss Dessert-


We completed our meal with a beautifully moist and layered Banoffee Pie. The sticky caramel, the gooey banana and the surprisingly soft but flossy kind of sandy crumb did wonders for me.


I can totally see myself dropping into SOI soon, just to pamper myself with the legendary Chicken Satay, Prawn Tempura and the Thai Green Curry. If you do love Asian flavours, this is your place to be. SOI is truly The Asian Street Kitchen with a Fine Dining turn to its dishes and ambiance.

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