Bellygasmic Winter Comforts with My Big Fat Belly

Winter is the perfect time to give your gluttonous spirit the freedom to enjoy itself to the fullest and the best place to let it free is at My Big Fat Belly. The place has been serving up some of the most heartwarming and belly tingling winter specials for the last month and continues to do so until the 15th of February.

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I dropped into the outlet recently to try my knives and forks on most of the lovely dishes that their winter special menu has to offer and what a spread it was.


All Praises for the Winter Special Menu:

Though My Big Fat Belly has been around for approximately about five months, the place is leaving no stones unturned to impress Kolkata with the fare share of Americana and Italian Spread. I especially find myself greatly attached to the winter menu, all thanks to its unpredictability and beautiful flavours.

The Favourites from the Winter Special Menu:

Now that you are all piped out of excitement, here is a glimpse at the wonderful winter specials of MyBFB that you too must enjoy.

  • The Caprese Salad-

Fresh and Flavourful. Those are exactly the two words that cross your mind, the moment you put a fork full of this wonderful salad into your mouth.

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The freshness of the mozzarella cheese, the meaty contribution from the chicken salami, the saltiness from the capers, the neutralizing egg and the well balanced splatter of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, bring together a mesmerizing mouthful. This salad should make a most welcomed entry in the summer special menu as well.

  • The Cheese Fondue-

The Cheese Fondue at My Big Fat Belly is what my dreams are made of, cheese, cheese and more cheese. Exactly, this fantastic creation is made out of 3 different cheese and comes accompanied with a non veg or a veg platter of exciting accompaniments.

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Pick your favourite nibble and dip into the pool of cheese lava and pop it into your mouth. Yes, thank me later.

  • The Toad in the Hole-

This is a special inclusion to the winter menu. I was lucky enough to get it on the day I dropped by.

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The Chef has a number of such specials that he surprises his guests with, every single day. If not this fantastic meat extravaganza, you are sure to be treated with some special or the other, every other day.

  • Baked Penne Ala Vodka-

There’s more cheese on the menu and we are not complaining. The fact that the place balances out the cheese to the sauce ratio so well, doesn’t allow your taste buds to grow saturated from the cheese.

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The dishes are rich, tasty and filling, yet they do not fill you up in the wrong way. This place lives up to the same reputation.

  • The Lamb Shank-

I have been saving the best for the last. The Lamb shank is humungous, tender and falling off the bone, generously spiced with cinnamon being the dominant flavour and accompanied with a base of mashed potatoes and a generous drizzling of that spectacular sauce. The dish is just unforgettable.

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If you love your meat and are always looking forward to try something new to add up to your list of favourites, then this lamb shank is a must for you to try. I have dropped in twice more into MyBFB just to try this one dish. A must try.

  • Gajar ka Halwa Cheese Cake-

My Big Fat Belly already has some iconic desserts that they have been able to create a fan base for, in this short span of time.


But for the winters, they planned on doing something more special. So, Aakarshh Bhargava (Chief Belly Banger at MyBFB) and Chef Joseph have come up with this idea of making a new dessert each day.

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The day I dropped in, the name of Gajar Ka Halwa Cheesecake shimmered in its chalky glow on the black board and instantly caught my attention. I could go back just for another spoonful of this.

Other must tries:

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Some of the other brilliant participants of the winter menu are- Poached Pear and Burrata Salad, Tossed Prawn in Chilly Lime Oil, Spinach and Corn/ Lamb Kheema Canneloni, Veg Au Gratin with Facassio, and so much more.

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There has never been an occasion where I have walked out of the place without a smile on my face and a burp building up somewhere inside. That in my mind is what truly good food should do.

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The brilliant service and the interactive management makes the experience all the more special, every single time I drop in at My Big Fat Belly. Do drop in and enjoy the lavish spread.

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