Advieh, Hotel Celesta- One of the best experiences I had in recent times.

Advieh, Hotel Celesta- One of the best experiences I had in recent times.

There are those times when you love what you are served at a restaurant and go back home, rubbing your belly delightfully and then there are those times you keep thinking about the food you had almost a week ago and cannot wait to go back for more. It is the latter kind of experience I had with Advieh. I visited the restaurant over their Mango Festival last week and have been luring for more, ever since. Thanks you for the kind invitation to the management.



Location & Interiors:

Hotel Celesta stands proud and beautiful, right on VIP road. While the road outside might be in a bit of a mess (thanks to all the Government’s construction work) the moment you step into the hotel, beautiful Ivory interiors greet you with such boom of class and style. The winding, wooden staircase on the right leading to the restaurant on the first floor is just a pleasure to look at. If you are with your gang, the staircase makes for the best place for selfies and groupfies.


The ceiling is adorned so cleverly with threaded chandeliers, with small spots of yellow lights peeping ever so slightly from here and there. The moment we stepped into the restaurant I and my fellow foodies were provided with cold napkins to soothe our skin that just escaped the blistering sun outside. A huge tick then and there.


The food:

You have to understand that I am writing this review with a wide grin on my face. The food is class apart and will urge you to go back for more with every single bite. The food tasting began with a Kafir Lime Colada and moved onto a wide range of very fine tasting food.

The Kafir lime colada-


The kafir lime and lime leaf fragrance infused beverage is such a refreshment after you step into this beautifully decorated restaurant from the scorching heat outside. The drink tastes fresh and is all about the lime and lemony flavour. Topped with a creamy lemon froth, this is the best drink to cleanse your palate and ready it for the upcoming meal.

Mushroom Cappuccino-


The Mushroom Cappuchino was served in cute, white cups and saucers. The soup was nice and smooth, rich in flavours, all this and yet not at all heavy on the tongue.

Mango Lettuce Salad with Ranch Dressing-


I am not much of a salad person. I would rather dedicate my appetite to real food (please do not judge me :P). But this Mango lettuce salad with ranch dressing was downright impressive. The chunks of mango in the salad were so ripe and sweet and the perfect complement to the freshly made ranch dressing. The fact that that the ranch is not store bought, made so much difference. I also went in for a second helping.

Aam Wali Mahi Tikka-


For starters we were served with a beautiful Aam Wali Mahi Tikka and a Mango Spring roll. The Fish tikka is a beautiful kebab marinated in complimentary and balanced spices and brushed with sweet mango pulp, once out of the tandoor. To be frank I was quite sceptical about the pairing of savory with ripe mangoes, but, who knew it would turn out so…so well.

Mango Spring Roll-


The mango spring roll was a combination of a few finely julienned root vegetables and raw mangoes, which were slightly sweated out on the frying pan before being stuffed and rolled in fine spring roll sheets and deep fried till crisp and golden brown. These teamed best with the various condiments and dips served on the table.

Pan seared fish with citrus emulsion-


Advieh stands true to delivering a fine dining experience with every bit of this dish and the other main that follows. The beautifully filleted fish is lightly pan seared with butter, some salt and pepper and was served with a base of mashed potatoes, veggies on the side and topped with a surprisingly good citrus emulsion. The fish according to me could use just another pinch of salt, but tasted great nonetheless.

Pullet ala Pizzaiola-


The chicken was again very impressive. It too came with sides, similar to that of the fish.

Mango Crepe Suzette-


The mango crepe suzette drew the dreamiest ending to a fine meal. Right from the crepe to the mango sauce, everything was rightly balanced, without giving into too much sweetness. The cubed mangoes on top were such a nice textural contrast to the rest of the dish, firm and sweet. The ice cream on the side was an added bonus.

I am utterly pleased with the food and the service and am looking forward to drop by again, soon.



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