A Well Fitted Top- A Comfortable Pair of Bottoms & Good Looking Flats- The Most Reliably Stylish Pujo Look

One of the most common queries when dressing up for the Kolkata Maha Fashion Festival, I mean Durga Pujo is “How to keep it stylish without going overboard?”

The answer is a comfortable pair of bottoms, a well-fitted top, and some good looking flats. Nothing gets simpler than this. If you are someone who likes to dodge the fuss, these looks are sure to entice and impress. They are great as morning looks, or even a whole night-er.


I have known Ankita and Sunanda for many years now. None of them have ever chosen anything over a simple kajal and a lipstick for makeup, neither have they preferred chunky accessories or monstrous heels ever. Simple and comfortable has been their way always and they looked stunning every single time. Pujo is no different either, though there is a lot of playing with colours involved.


Sunanda has decided to keep her Pujo mornings looking cool and stylish with beautiful pastel shades and a classic example is right below. She chose this flared bottom pastel blue top and paired it with well-fitted ankle length black denim.


The denim has allowed the top’s colour to pop, without having to accessorise it much.


She completes her look with Blush Nude Ballerinas and slightly darker lips and we couldn’t stare away for a moment.


If you want to take things a notch higher and like darker shades on yourself, this look by Ankita is what you must look forward to. We love her Maroon Polka Dotted crop top. It is casual yet dressy and she balances it perfectly with a Beige Trouser.


She chooses not to settle for a matching bag and instead, goes with this very noticeable sling by United Colours of Benniton. Her colour game is on point with her maroon loafers from Carlton London and we can hardly stop ogling at her.


We consciously bid goodbyes to our straighteners for these two lovely looks. The Kolkata Humidity is a force that your straighteners back home are no match for. Hence these two beautiful girls here decided to sport their hair natural and messy and they look wonderful and Pujo ready.

In case simple and stylish is your strongest game, we are sure these are the looks for you. Customise them as per your preference and look as stunning as you are.

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