100 Years of MPOC- Busting Myths and Spreading Awareness on Palm Oil

Palm oil is one of the most widely used oils around the word and India is the largest importer of the same. Yet, there is very little awareness about this versatile medium. So MPOC (Malaysian Palm Oil Council) took it upon themselves to aware the people of the city about this wonderful product, its origin and its uses.


With this in front of them, MPOC organised a Blogger’s only event on the 19th of March at Barbeque Nation, Park Street, Kolkata.


The event not only aimed at spreading awareness towards Palm Oil and bust myths related to it but also celebrated the 100 years of the organisation.


The event started off with an orientation hosted by Bhavna Shah. The briefing was informative, interactive and interesting at the same time.


Note- So while I let you on these facts and myths on Palm oil, I will also be slipping in some of the pictures from this wonderful meet.


Facts and Myths associated to Palm Oil you must know about:

Some of the facts that surfaced during the briefing  by Bhavna and some of the myths cleared are listed below.


  • Fact 1-

There are predominantly two types of oil produced from the palm tree. The first variety of oil is derived from the flesh of the palm fruit and the second variety, also known as the Palm Kernal Oil is derived from the seed of the fruit.

  • Myth 1-

Palm oil is high in cholesterol. This is one of the most popular myths circulating in the market today. Contrary to the first statement, Palm Oil is a type of vegetable oil that is completely devoid of cholesterol and helps raise the level of good cholesterol in the blood.


  • Fact 2-

Palm oil is noticed to be found in a semi-solid form, even in room temperature. One of the main reasons to this include, the non-requirement of hydrogenations in the production of the end products, also avoiding inclusion of trans fats.

  • Myth 2-

Palm oil is only used for the production of cosmetic products like soap and lipsticks. While the statement is partly true, the use of the word “ONLY” is completely unnecessary. Palm oil is also used for cooking purposes, either directly or after being blended with some other oil. It is also used to produce edible products like margarine, shortening, speciality fats, creamer, ice creams, etc.


  • Fact 3-

Since the oil is stable even at high temperatures, it makes the perfect medium for deep frying food. So if you love your fried foods, you now have a way to enjoy them and dodge cholesterol at the same time.

  • Myth 3-

It tastes weird. To be honest, no it doesn’t. The Palm oil is a neutral tasting oil, with no odour or taste to boast of, making it the perfect cooking medium for any and every kind of cuisine.


If all this was not enough, let me tell you that MPOC has developed palm oil to a level where it can now be used to fly jets as well. When they spoke of versatility, My My, I nowhere expected this. You can learn more on the subject by visiting


The Food Hunt and Celebrating 100 Years of MPOC:

Now, coming back to the event, once done with the orientations, we bloggers (whose names and faces you often see circulating on different social media platforms) were treated to a fun food hunt, organised by MPOC.


This included us racing from one legendary restaurant in Park Street to the other. All bloggers were sorted into groups of 7 and handed cue cards that gave us the clue to the next restaurant that held the oncoming activity.

The course of the event:


The trail of the food hunt started off with a trivia quiz on palm oil at Mocambo, leading to a blind tasting at Oasis, raging into a very racy salad-making competition at Trincas and finally ending with a dart throwing competition at Barbeque Nation.


Though our team did not win the food hunt and those magnum hampers, it was nonetheless a lot of fun, playing and interacting with fellow bloggers also friends.


The Celebrations of MOPC’s 100th Birthday ended with a fun photo shoot and a wonderful buffet spread put up by Barbeque Nation.


Palm oil has suddenly become a curiosity and the event a good memory.


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