5 Reasons to Drop into Scarlet Right Now!!!!

Scarlet at Auris is rising as the next best dessert destination in the city and there are 5 reasons why.


Special moments or not, desserts play an integral role in making every one of these moments, sweet and memorable. Whether you are looking forward to enjoying a splendid birthday, or celebrate your everyday small achievements, there is seldom a chance that you go without gorging on something sweet and heavenly. It is particularly hard to say no to desserts when they are put in front of you in an avatar so alluring and gorgeous.

Here are 5 reasons why Scarlet is making us swoon.

  1. A whole array of new pastries:

While Scarlet was already doing brilliantly on the dessert front, it has upped its game and introduced a whole range of stunning looking and mouth watering dessert variants. A prominent variety among this has been the new pastries. We tried the Eggless chocolate pastry and the Caramel pastry out of the lot.


The Eggless Chocolate Pastry combines the lightest sponge, the creamiest butter cream and a healthy dusting of sifted coco powder. The cocoa powder on top balances the richness of the pastry very well and brings an all over harmony to the flavours.


The Caramel Pastry is carefully constructed with three layers of soft and thinly sliced sponge and has been moderately laced with beautiful butter cream frosting. It is topped with a caramel glaze which is right on the brim of caramelization, with a hint of cream, without being uber sweet. The tempered dark chocolate triangle on top, breaks with a snap and contributes in bringing the flavours together.

  1. The Heavenly Mousses:

The team back there in the kitchen have put a lot of thought into the compilation of each dessert, which is absolutely evident with the experimentation that has been involved in the making of these two fantastic mousses. Served in little cups, these mousses are not only wonderful to look at but extremely delicious as well.


Did you ever think a Blue Berry Mousse Cup can come with a layer of Mishti Doi in it, well at Scarlet, it does. The ribbon of mishit doi streaks through the light and airy whipped cream. While the mishit doi is smooth and velvety, the cream forms a rich contrast to it. The blue berry compote on top is surprisingly well balanced and is just acidic enough to cut through all that sweetness.


Who wouldn’t fall in love with the Brownie Orange Mousse Cup? We definitely have. This mousse is pure luxury for your taste buds. Those multiple layers of airy chocolate mousse, laced with orange flavour and slightly bitter chocolate ganache is downright indulgent.

  1. The Lovely cakes:

Other than a whole bunch of desserts, Scarlet at Auris also brings forward a wide selection of carefully curated cakes. Two of the most popular variants that are a must try here, are the Red Velvet Cake and the Mascarpone Cheese Oreo Cake.


The fact that the Red Velvet Cake is rich yet not greasy on your palate is a huge plus for us and I am sure, for a lot of other red velvet lovers too. The cream cheese has been whipped together with some cream to form the perfect frosting for this delicate red velvet sponge.


We at EFB Magazine are great fans of naked cakes. As far as naked cakes are concerned, this Mascarpone Cheese Oreo Cake at Scarlet is the most beautiful thing that has caught our eye in Kolkata. The cake not only looks divine, but tastes equally breath taking. These are the kind of cakes you pamper your partners with. Drop in at their door steps with a bottle of your favourite wine and this Mascarpone Cheese Oreo Cake and your evening could not be any better.

  1. Milk Shakes:

As if this whole assortment of outrageously tempting looking desserts and cakes were not enough, Scarlet has now come up with a variety of rich and freakishly awesome shakes.


They are magnum and crazy. The one that has us still swooning for it is the Oreo Milk Shake. Topped with semi- crushed Oreos and dripping with chocolate sauce, this is exactly what dreams are made of.

  1. Beautiful Scarlet Interiors:

The Dessert Bar is situated right in the lobby of Aauris. The scarlet interiors are the perfect setting to end a date night on a sweet note. The sofas which too are hued in an attractive shade of Scarlet are a beautiful backdrop for cosy last minute photos.


There is no better way to make her swoon than in a beautiful setting as this, with a beautiful looking dessert in front of her.


The fact that all the desserts are so well balanced and friendly to non-dessert hoggers too is a great plus for one and all. If you have not tried their latest range of desserts yet, you must.

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