10 Things That Define Durga Puja

What is that one thing that all Bengalis love more than their Mach, Mishti and endless discussions on politics? It is the biggest festival of Eastern India, Durga Puja. Durga Puja is an unaltered emotion that we learn to enjoy and share from the very onset of our senses. Here are 10 things that define Durga Puja for every Bengali living not only in Bengal but across the world.


  1. Decking up your home before the pujas

The first thing to check off the list before the Durga Puja kicks off is cleaning your home, since doing so post Mahalaya is considered inauspicious. This is that time of the year when you mother is extra sensitive about your cupboard being in a mess or your study table being cluttered. Listen to her, if you do not want to be grounded during the Pujas.


Pujo calls for a number of new additions to your home, which may include drapes, upholstery, furniture, electronics, Kurlon Mattresses, lighting and anything and everything that will make your home look a lot more beautiful and warm.


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  1. Mahalaya

One of the most dutifully followed traditions of the Pujas is Mahalaya. Hundreds and thousands of Bengalis across the world wake up in the wee hours of the morning to listen to Birendra Krishna Bhadra recite the Mahalaya in his unique voice.

This is the only day of the year when you work that ancient radio, safely put away in the Dadu’s almirah’s locker and the whole family gathers around it to listen to the Mahalaya together and welcome Maa Durga into our hearts and homes.

  1. Puja Shopping

The most important part of Durga Puja is the shopping. It is almost tradition to buy clothes way before the festivity, with the hope of saving them for the Pujas, but wearing them soon anyway.


This only results in more shopping right before the festivities. Hence, there is no real start to the Puja Shopping. You are doing it throughout the year; you just do not know it.


Puja shopping not only means shopping for yourself, but also shopping for family and friends. So you are practically shopping for a lot of people and almost till right before the puja starts.

  1. The Sound of Dhak and the Smell of Dhunuchi

The true essence of Durga Puja is not ignited unless and until the Dhaki plays the Dhak and the Dhunichi is lit. The tempting sound of the Dhak and the smell of the dhuno, blend together to create the most magical ambience and impart the most nostalgic feelings.

  1. Counting the Pandals you Hop

With your house decked up, the Mahalaya gone and your shopping almost done, you barely have any more time to rest, because it is almost pujo.



Put on your best puja look and start your pandal hopping marathon. Your pujo is a sure shot success if you have hopped more pandals than your neighbour.

  1. Saree & Panjabi on Ashtami

Ashtami cannot do without traditional Bengali attires and nothing says traditional better than a Saree and Panjabi on Ashtami. It is almost criminal to go against this unsaid but prominent rule.



From Ashtami Anjalis to late night addas at the neighbourhood pandal, girls and boys are clad in their best traditional apparel looking their Bong best on this day. Ashtami is also the time when eyes meet, the hearts flutter and the air is heavy with romance. The saree and panjabis have a lot of contribution to make here.

  1. Food

While the rest of the country is busy fasting and surviving on fruits, Durga Puja is that time of the year when the Bengali belly knows no limit.


Durga puja is incomplete without mountainous amount and variety of food.


With restaurants open till early hours in the morning, the Bong palette is constantly welcoming new flavours textures and the stomach constantly making room for the new.

  1. Sindoor Khela on Dashami

The five days of Pujo are almost like a whirl wind. It is hard to decipher how time flies so fast, when Dashami stands head strong in front of us.


Bijaya Dashami sees women clad in the traditional Shada Saree Laal Paar (white saree with red border) doing the final Durga Arti and playing with vermilion, a tradition popularly known as Sindoor Khela. It is only after this that Maa Durga is escorted to the ghats for Visarjan, with a hopeful prayer on every mouth “Ashche bochor abar hobe” (Maa Durga will again grace us with her holy presence and blessings the coming year).

  1. Mishti Mukh

With the Visarjans complete and the mandaps vacant, every Bengali heart is in gloom. This is when friends and family visit each other with lots and lots of sweets to make the post pujo moments sweeter for each other and share love.

image-12 image-13

With mouths full with mishit and hearts filled with joy, the Durga Puja comes to its customary end and planning begins for the coming year.

  1. Lot of sleep

It is weird how you lose all you sleep during the Pujas and it almost seems like you are on nonstop supply of caffeine. Going without sleep for four days straight seems like nothing at all. It is when the pujo ends and the schools and offices are about to re-open their gates to your mundane lifestyle that the sleep comes crashing back accompanied by an aching body and weeping energy. Make sure you get your proper rest post the pujos. A good mattress is a must to ensure you rejuvenate back to your energetic best and Kurlon helps you achieve just that.

The Kurlotsav Kapture Contest with its Post Pujo Treats

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The list above is without a doubt the top 10 things that define Duga Puja for Bengalis all around the globe and Kurl On just gave us another opportunity to make it memorable by capturing every aspect of it with the Karlotsave Kaptures contest. Share your best Durga Puja moments with the world too. Just use #Kurlotsavkaptures when you submit your entries to the official Kurlotsav contest page or any other social media platform. Spread the joy and keep the pujo vibe alive.

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